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In my early fifties I began experiencing that struggle with what I really wanted next. Over time, with the help of a coach, I framed a vision and plan for transitioning into a new season. I took action on my plan by retiring from one thing and starting my next thing. Now I help men in midlife discover and do their next thing.

My background includes entrepreneurship, followed by more than thirty years in leadership and public service. I am married and the proud father of two grown daughters. I teach in my local church, follow professional surfing, am a committed walker and love pretty much anything that is process oriented. I am a licensed Landscape Architect and also earned an Executive MBA in my early fifties.


Providing visual music to inspire your world

Another part of my next thing is art. In college, I discovered the amazing world of Landscape Architecture, which merged my early influences of Art, Landscape and Architecture. Now, one of my deepest joys is to create visual music to inspire the world through expressionistic landscape paintings.

Your next thing can be multi-faceted. Art and coaching are but two of mine. What do you want next?


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